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Once on This Island

April 21, 22 and 23, 2016



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Little Ti Moune: Angeline Ignacio

Ti Moune: Alena Smith

Daniel: Luqman Fulmer

Mama Euralie: Talia Carter

TonTon Julian: Nicholas Riehle

Erzulie: Halle Kaufax

Agwe: Alfred Reid

Papa Ge: Thai Duong

Asaka: Alayna Theunissen

Andrea: Cassie Cope

Armand: Ahmad Kohistany


Ensemble Cast and Dancers:

Erin Arnold

Tianna Ayala

Perry Brown

Skye Carlson

Kevin Chesson

Courtney Contardi

Emma Cronnell

Megan Delaney

Danny Ehrlich

Carina Hines

Faith Janecke

Alberic Karina-Plun

Soli Kent

Emma Krause

Haley Lawrence

Andres Lavilles

Kaitlyn Oliver

Kyle Pinkney

Jenny Roegner

Muriel Sackey-Addo

Emily Yankovich

Reel Yousif



Little TiMoune: Tianna Ayala

Ti Moune: Reel Yousif

Daniel: Nicholas Riehle

Mama Euralie: Carina Hines

TonTon Julian: Alfred Reid

Erzulie: Emma Krause

Agwe: Cassie Cope

Papa Ge: Andres Lavilles

Asaka: Kaitlyn Oliver

Andrea: Carina Hines

Armand: Danny Ehrlich


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