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2023 - 2024 ETC Boosters Officers & Chairs 

President: Karman Reese


Vice President: Lynette Bertman


Treasurer:  John Eisinger


Secretary: Bryan Boyd


Box Office:  Anne Pelekasis
Merchandise:  Stephanie Byrd
Scholarship: Romas Garbaliauskas
Fundraising Nights:  Anne Pelekasis
Website:  Tysen Perszyk
Concessions:  Position Open
Backstage:   TJ Shanks
Playbill/Program Lead:  Gretta Weingold
Publicity:   Position Open
Advertising:   Position Open
Cappies:   Position Open

We need your help!

Volunteers are critical to the success of everything Edison Drama does. You don't need any special talents or skills to help out on a production. Opportunities range from selling tickets to organizing costumes to running errands to painting sets. Some activities take place at school during and after school hours, while others can be done from home.  

Just one hour can make a huge difference!

Want to volunteer or have questions?

Email ETC Boosters at:

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