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International Thespian Society (ITS) (a.k.a. Drama Club)

Edison Drama operates ITS Troupe #4328. ITS is essentially the theatre equivalent of Spanish Honors Society or other similar organizations. Members accrue points by participating in any theatre-related activities and submitting them through our online form. Four officers lead the meetings, which are held during Eagle Time: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Historian.



Students become members by earning points for their work. Any student who has participated in at least two productions for a total of 100 hours of work is eligible for Thespian Society membership. Submitted points are verified by the Troupe Secretary and Theatre Director. One point generally represents 10 hours of excellent work.


To attain ITS membership, a student must earn 10 points, 5 of which must be acquired at Edison. Thespian membership is awarded on a democratic basis to all students who qualify according to the requirements of the point system. No student will be elected into the Society. No student will be denied membership if he or she has accumulated the required 10 points and has fulfilled all membership requirements. ITS membership is conferred at the annual Edison Drama Thespies Awards (see below for what the Thespies are) annually near the end of the school year.

After Thespians have attained membership, further recognition for their outstanding work in theatre arts, including Honors (Theatre Letter) at 60 points, National Thespian Honors at 120 points, and International Thespian Honors at 180 points. A list of point values can be found on the Edison Drama website.


  • Bimonthly meetings

  • Annual movie night

  • Improv nights

  • Other awesome ideas we put into action

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